Regenco is a small and hugely generous not-for-profit organisation, always seeking to include those who are low on income, working hard in the spirit of service and for the love of it rather than the money, and giving from the heart.  In the UK we are a very rare entity in terms of what we bring and how we bring it, and you will not find many, if any, like us.  As such funds are very gratefully received.  There are several great reasons to donate: - to ensure the long-term security of Regenco’s land, Epona; to sponsor the participation of individuals who stand to really benefit from the opportunities we provide but who cannot afford to cover the cost; to buy trees and contribute to the long-term creation of woodland at Epona; to support the running of Regenco’s core costs and our development of innovative new work, and of course, simply to say thanks and spread happiness.

“The work you offer fosters a care about and understanding of the earth which I wholeheartedly support.”

- Teacher


“Let us be thankful for Regenco because they really care.  The community is still feeling the benefit.”

- Organiser Dartmoor Youth Activities Club

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